The Chicago Autism Academy accepts students from many school districts across Northeastern Illinois.  We currently have openings for immediate enrollment!  Please contact us or your school district for more information.

Inquiries can be made via email to mtalleycaa@gmail.com
or via phone to (815) 806-2900.

You can write to us or stop by at:

21133 S. 80th Ave.
Frankfort, IL 60423

General Guidelines

​1. Your first step is to contact your local school district and ask for an evaluation for your child, which will determine their educational disability and what services are necessary for him or her to be successful in school.

2. The district will then set up an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for your child.

3. Ask that your district explore other educational options, such as a nonpublic school like CAA if you feel the program that they have to offer does not meet your child’s needs.

4. Tour the facilities that you are interested in to see which ones are appropriate for your child.

5. Ask to meet with your district again to discuss placement options for your child.

6. Most students in nonpublic facilities are placed through their home school districts in an IEP as the tuition in nonpublic facilities are quite high.

7. If you feel you need advice you may contact an educational advisor, advocate, or educational attorney for advice. This is your right.

8. Once a determination has been made between you and your district, the district will release your child’s file to the schools that you are interested in to be accepted for placement.

Good luck in your journey to find an appropriate education for your child!