Hear what parents are saying…

"Our son looks forward to the bus that takes him to CAA.  The staff provides a safe and productive atmosphere for him to learn and continue to develop.  They are committed to improving the quality of life for these young people and preparing them for the challenges of joining society.  The staff puts the needs of the children ahead of their own.  CAA is a blessing to our son and family.
Kay son (age 13)

"My son doesn't have disabilities, he has 'special' abilities and CAA fosters his abilities as well as helps him strengthen his areas of weakness.  CAA is a nurturing atmosphere for any child.  This is how ALL schools should operate.  A skilled staff who cares for your child's education, socialization and well being." 
Stephanie son (age 7) 

“CAA is a remarkable school with staff that understand your child's needs and makes adjustments for the betterment of each child's success."
LaTonya son (age 8)

“My son has only been at CAA for 4 months and I can't say enough good things!  All of the staff is wonderful and very "tuned in" to the needs of my child.  Having a son that is non-verbal is very difficult but the communication home is fantastic.  Since he can not tell me about his day, his teacher does a great job of daily updating me on all
of his great progress.  Thanks CAA!!"
Julie son (age 10)

"CAA ia a wonderful school with an excellent staff and teachers that care about their students succeeding in life."
Veronica son (age 9)

"Thanks to the staff for all the hard work they do.  My son is really happy here.  It's his second home!
Margarita son (age 11)